Being able to tell you why getting involved in ThriveLearn will be beneficial for you would be easy for us, we believe in the product and the outcomes of STH and Green Care, but what might really make you want to being a ThriveLearner is hearing from those who have already started their journey.

This page is an opportunity for us to show you what they think alongside statistics from our Quarterly ThriveLearn Engagement Report.



Read what our course participants have to say below:


“The whole course has been very interesting , and so relevant to what I am doing .understanding the principles of STH gives me a greater understanding of what we are trying to achieve.


“Overall an excellent introduction to the principles of STH and exploration of what this means in practice.”


“Just to say thank you again for putting together this course and for making it freely available. I have found it to be really informative and thought-provoking.”