Due to the changed circumstances Thrive has designed a course relevant to all who wish to learn and develop their STH practice. This course provides the key skill set for Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) Practice and will consider the fundamental approaches and role of the practitioner within different settings and working with different groups of people.

You will not only explore the underlying principles of STH but take a deeper dive into how to develop a programme of STH using an outcome centred approach. You will also look at how to develop sessions by understanding the different factors that influence practice choices and by deepening our understanding of horticulture activities.

Length – This is a blended course, held over 2 weeks with flexible access to all learning materials and staggered live event times to accommodate different learners commitments to home and work.

6-10 hours learning time required for each week

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to understand how to use STH with different client groups; whether you are new or have been involved in STH for some time, this course will cover content that helps you to maximise the value and benefits of STH.

We will provide you with engaging learning material for you to work through in your own time combined with live events where learners can interact with each other and course tutors.

This course has been created using Thrives many years of experience and provides learners with the opportunities to gain from our expertise and share practice with others across the field. The course will also provide access to the Award in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture expanded learning opportunity.

Cost: £150

What you will learn

  • The holistic benefits of STH and how to build persuasive argument for its use with different client groups to support funding, budget building and gain referrals
  • The underlying theory and mechanisms behind its benefits
  • How to use different models and reasoning processes to manage sessions and practice effectively, overcoming challenges and barriers
  • How to analyse plant properties to understand their value within STH
  • The different types of garden for health and wellbeing and how Attention Restoration Theory provides an evidenced based framework to create therapeutic gardens
  • To be able to evaluate a gardens accessibility and compatibility for different groups and identify features that either promote or detract from good compatibility
  • To understand how assessment can enable safe and effective practice, and how different stages of the assessment process are better suited to gain different necessary information
  • How to develop a programme of STH using an outcome centred approach, turning STH into a client led process from a garden led process


To book your place on this course please visit: https://www.thrive.org.uk/get-training/training-overview/social-and-therapeutic-horticulture-practice


For a details course structure and timeline for the two weeks please contact the training team at training@thrive.org.uk.