This course explores the benefits, principles and practice of goal setting in Green Care and other nature-based interventions. It introduces learners to both holistic approach and more formal approaches to goal setting.Participants will also learn to recognise and anticipate barriers and challenges – from a lack of time to working with people who experience barriers to communication – and will explore solutions to help overcome them. You will also learn more about the many practical tasks associated with goal setting and how to integrate goal setting into other processes such as client induction, activity planning and outcome measurement.

Cost: £60

Length: Nearly 5 hours of presentations and videos including honest reflections from Green Care practitioners and a former service user. The course also includes readings, links to online resources and opportunities to interact with course tutors and other participants through forums and a weekly live-chat.

Suitable for: Professionals, practitioners and managers in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture and Green Care. The course will also be of interest to volunteers, students and anyone with an interest in goal setting as part of a nature-based approach to health, wellness and education.

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