This course encourages people to use their gardens and spend more time connecting with nature as a tool to restore wellbeing and improve physical and psychological health.

This course is suitable for the general public, people looking to improve thier health and wellbeing and people interested in the benefits of gardens and nature.

There are three parts to this programme:

  • Part One: the benefits of gardens and nature – including the theories behind them and why humans relate to the outdoors
  • Part Two: the concept of an ‘affinity for nature’ and how it can relate to you
  • Part Three: how to create your own health and wellbeing plan using gardens and nature.

This programme of courses will be free to access (thanks to funding from Notcutts) and will be designed to offer an introduction to the benefits of gardens and nature, including some of the theories behind why so many people report feeling better when in a garden or nature.


Length: Under 5 hours of learning.


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