What is Green Care?

A short introduction course to 'What is Green Care?'. This course looks at the range of approaches to using nature based interaction and experience for health,  the difference between health promotional and interventive approaches to using nature based interactions and experiences for health as well as some of the different values associated with different approaches.

Award in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Programme Development

An extended learning opportunity  

In recent years, an increasing number of researchers and health-care practitioners have added their voices to the call to make ‘Green-Care’ an integral part of the health service. As more and more opportunities open up, the need for Green-Care and other health and social care practitioners to demonstrate their competence and professionalism through evidence-based practice has never been greater. Thrive’s AWARD in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Programme Development is a key component of the educational framework that exists for this exciting and innovative area of work.

Goal Setting in Green Care

This course explores the benefits, principles and practice of goal setting in Green Care and other nature-based interventions. It introduces learners to both holistic approach and more formal approaches to goal setting. (more…)