As part of ThriveLearn’s progression of courses, a number of paid for CPD courses have been written. These give you a more in depth look at the subject, and an opportunity to engage in a more detailed consideration of STH and Green Care.



Principles in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

This course explores the principles of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH). It looks at the way in which nature, meaningful activity and social interactions come together to support a number of important health outcomes.


Goal Setting in Green Care

This course explores the benefits, principles and practice of goal setting in Green Care and other nature-based interventions. It introduces learners to both holistic approach and more formal approaches to goal setting.


Coming Soon

Programming STH

This paid for course, will explore how to put together a programme of horticulture related activities that meet the needs of clients. It will look at the interplay between maintenance needs and therapy needs, explore the factors that influence activity choice and how within different models of STH we can make reasoned choices about what people do.

Cultivating Wellbeing

The course will share evidence and inspirational stories in relation to gardens, nature and health and wellbeing. It will also explore the concept of personal affinity for nature and enable participants to build their own strategy for using gardens and nature for health and wellbeing. Inspiring people to consider how gardening and nature contact can be used like a gym or diet to improve and maintain good health or recover from ill health. The course will explore the barriers to accessing nature and gardens and be solutions focused in finding ways to overcome or go around them.


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