As part of ThriveLearn’s progression of courses, a number of paid for CPD courses have been written. These give you a more in depth look at the subject, and an opportunity to engage in a more detailed consideration of STH and Green Care.

The following courses can be accessed as individual courses but also make up the different modules that combine to enable access to the Award in STH programme development. Each individual course has been designed to provide a quality learning experience in relation to the topic matter described.


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Principles in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

This course explores the principles of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH). It looks at the way in which nature, meaningful activity and social interactions come together to support a number of important health outcomes.


Goal Setting in Green Care

This course explores the benefits, principles and practice of goal setting in Green Care and other nature-based interventions. It introduces learners to both holistic approach and more formal approaches to goal setting.


Award in STH Programme Development Modular Programme


Benefits and Mechanisms of STH (Award Module 1)

This course explores a definition of STH and a number of related terms like ‘Green Care’ and ‘health promotion’.


Session Development and Management (Award Module 2)

This course, we will take a look at a number of tools that can assist practitioners to analyse the qualities of activities and choose and adapt suitable activities to meet the needs of client groups.


Properties of Plants and Investigating Gardens (Award Module 3)

This course explores the properties of plants and how plants can give rise to therapeutic activities, as well as looking to expand the discussion to include the properties of gardens.


Assessment and Programming in STH (Award Module 4)

This course explores suitable approaches to assessment for Green Care, some of the activities that are involved in collecting, analysing and sharing information and a few of the outcome measurement tools that assist this process.


Client Specific Needs – Mental Health Needs (Award Module)

Having explored what STH is and some of the mechanisms behind how and why it works, this module examines the ways in which STH can benefit specific groups of clients and individuals within these groups. This section will look at mental ill health.


Assignment (Award Module 5)

Having completed all of the required courses, this offers you the chance to complete the assignment to gain the Award in STH Programme Development.


Coming Soon

Programming STH

This paid for course, will explore how to put together a programme of horticulture related activities that meet the needs of clients. It will look at the interplay between maintenance needs and therapy needs, explore the factors that influence activity choice and how within different models of STH we can make reasoned choices about what people do.



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