Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Practice

A blended learning opportunity 

Due to the changed circumstances Thrive has designed a course relevant to all who wish to learn and develop their STH practice. This course provides the key skill set for Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) Practice and will consider the fundamental approaches and role of the practitioner within different settings and working with different groups of people.

*Launched in June 2020*


Award in STH Programme Development

An extended learning opportunity

In recent years, an increasing number of researchers and health-care practitioners have added their voices to the call to make ‘Green-Care’ an integral part of the health service. As more and more opportunities open up, the need for Green-Care and other health and social care practitioners to demonstrate their competence and professionalism through evidence-based practice has never been greater. Thrive’s AWARD in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Programme Development is a key component of the educational framework that exists for this exciting and innovative area of work.


Award Modular Programme

This programme uses the same content as the Award in STH Programme Development (above) but delivered in Modular format, to make learning more accessible if you wish to spread your learning across a longer time period either due to cost or time restrictions.

Benefits and Mechanisms of STH (Award Module 1)

This module explores a definition of STH and a number of related terms like ‘Green Care’ and ‘health promotion’.


Session Development and Management (Award Module 2)

This module, we will take a look at a number of tools that can assist practitioners to analyse the qualities of activities and choose and adapt suitable activities to meet the needs of client groups.


Properties of Plants and Investigating Gardens (Award Module 3)

This module explores the properties of plants and how plants can give rise to therapeutic activities, as well as looking to expand the discussion to include the properties of gardens.


Assessment and Programming in STH (Award Module 4)

This module explores suitable approaches to assessment for Green Care, some of the activities that are involved in collecting, analysing and sharing information and a few of the outcome measurement tools that assist this process.


Client Specific Needs – Mental Health Needs (Award Module)

Having explored what STH is and some of the mechanisms behind how and why it works, this module examines the ways in which STH can benefit specific groups of clients and individuals within these groups. This section will look at mental ill health.


Assignment (Award Module 5)

Having completed all of the required modules this module offers you the chance to complete the assignment to gain the Award in STH Programme Development.




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