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This dynamic programme of online education will support individuals and organisations around the world to begin using and improve the way they already use horticulture for health, Our courses will also inform commissioners, GPs and social prescribers about STH, how it works, who it can help, and what the research tells us about its effectiveness.



Introduction and Information

The free learning and information courses are your chance to introduce yourself to green care, social and therapeutic horticulture (STH) as well as other topics such as cultivating your own wellbeing, and whether you should consider starting up your own project within STH or green care.


Blended Learning Opportunities

This section included the new blended learning opportunities, ‘Introduction to STH Practice’ and ‘Social and Therapeutic Horticulture Practice’ courses that has been developed to support learning whilst we adapt to non face-to-face delivery.


STH and Green Care skills courses

These more in depth learning programmes offer you the opportunity to develop your skills within STH or green care, focusing on developing knowledge around key topics, or giving you the practical skills to take into your project.



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