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With almost 40 years' experience, Thrive's training, education and consultancy services have helped countless people to use gardening to promote health, well-being and social inclusion.


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For up to date information about ThriveLearn and Thrive’s learning opportunities please visit: https://www.thrive.org.uk/get-training/. Over 2023 we will be archiving this site and moving all course content to the main Thrive site, thank you for your visit.


The last few years have seen a growing interest in the use of plants and animals to support health, well-being, recovery and social inclusion. In the UK, these nature assisted therapies are known as Green Care.

As the system of primary and social care continues to face a combination of budget cuts and increasing demand for services, new models of social prescription are coming on-stream to meet the needs of various groups, including people with learning disabilities, mental ill health and dementia.

Thrive has introduced this dynamic, high-quality and accessible programme of online education to support large numbers of individuals and organisations who would like to begin using, or improve the use of, horticulture for health and well-being.

Our courses are practical and informative and draw on decades of experience of setting up, delivering, monitoring and quality assuring countless Green Care in the UK and internationally, not to mention our 20+ years of partnership with top UK Universities.

Although technology can’t yet replicate the experience of soil under the fingernails, we use films, virtual reality presentations and interactive technologies to immerse learners in an educational experience!


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"The whole course has been very interesting , and so relevant to what I am doing .understanding the principles of STH gives me a greater understanding of what we are trying to achieve."



"Overall an excellent introduction to the principles of STH and exploration of what this means in practice."



"Just to say thank you again for putting together this course and for making it freely available. I have found it to be really informative and thought-provoking."


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